Thursday, December 12, 2013

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

I'd seen this book on bestseller lists everywhere, yet couldn't get my hands on it. Once I finally tracked it down on my treasure quest, I was pleasantly surprised to see how thick the book was. After reading a couple of chapters, a thick book can mean a Yes! What a great story. I don't want it to end. or a *Groan*. How many pages left? 
1Q84 clearly was the first emotion, however, towards the end I was panicking that the pages were thinning and yet the story was nowhere near finishing. Murakami abruptly ends the story, leaving the reader with a giant question mark over their head.

Here are my booktions for 1Q84:
  1. Who is Tengo Kawana's biological father? His father takes his secret with him to the grave. What does he mean when he tells Tengo that, "You're nothing."
  2. The woman in the family picture left to Tengo in his father's will does not resonate with his earliest memory of his (assumed) mother. If the woman in his memory isn't his mother, who was that woman?
  3. What happened to Eriko Fukada's dohta? Or is Komatsu right when he wonders if the Fuka-Eri we know, the dohta escaped into the outside world.
  4. Could the nurse Kumi from the cat town be his mother reincarnated? Who is the killer she remembers so well, and what secret does she want to know from him? It's also odd how Aomame's policewoman friend Ayumi dies in similar circumstances.
  5. What does Tengo write about in his new novel which could damage Sakigake, and has the little people in a frenzy.
  6. The little people from Ushikawa's dead body start to make an air chrysalis. Who is the new dohta, maza?
  7. Towards the end, Sakigake are desperate to find and contact Aomame because she in some way she can reconnect them to the voice they lost. How?
  8. Could Aomame have been the new prophet before she left 1Q84? I'm assuming this from the air chrysalis Tengo sees of her in his father's bed. Or could it be signifying something else.
  9. Who was the NHK fee collector knocking on Aomame's, Tengo's and Ushikawa's doors?!! How could Murakami not answer this!
  10. What happens to Tengo's older girlfriemd who is "irretrivably lost"?
  11. Who and what are the little people? I kept on expecting the author to introduce them to us, yet he's left us as clueless as the readers of Air Chrysalis. 
Kindly leave a comment and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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