Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Shining by Stephen King

I'm not one who easily gets scared by books and movies, and neither am I enthralled by the horror genre. But when you're a citizen of the reading world, you can not ignore a legend like Stephen King. His most popular book to date is unarguably The Shining, with large publicity coming from its movie adaption featuring Jack Nicholson in his Oscar winning role.

As I read this book, I was amazed by how King could make a fire hose lying on the corridor floor -which changes its position every time Danny glances back- make you look up to reassure yourself that your not alone. The silence of the Overlook hotel somehow seeps into your room and every step Danny takes, rings loud and clear. The hedge animals were definitely the most creepiest objects in the book, closely tied with the dead lady in Room 217. And that creaking elevator filled with confetti which turns on by itself in the middle of the night is enough to give you the goosebumps there and then.

Like any other book, I was once again left muddled by a few booktions:

  1. What is Redrum? Tony warns Danny in a vision that "Redrum" is the sign of his impending doom, and the term is reverberated throughout the novel. Although much of Tony's visions do come true, Redrum does not make any sense till the end.
  2. The Overlook has an extensive history of murders and tragic deaths. Despite which it still attracted high profile politicians and celebrities in the older days. Odd. But what really gets me is how was Mr. Ullman able to hide this dark past form the public eye? And who is Derwent? Why does it bother Ullman when Jack presses for details about Derwent?
  3. Who's scrapbook did Jack Torrence find in the basement which outlines the hotel's history?
  4. Did the caretaker Delbert Grady, who died and killed his family, also possesses the shining within his family? Why was that one family particularly targeted by the Overlook, and others left as they were?
  5. What had happened to the previous caretaker? Why the sudden open position just before closing time.
  6. If the Overlook was after Danny for his shining, why had it never bothered with Halloran? I know that he was less powerful than Danny, but something is better than nothing for the hotel before it was aware of Danny.
  7. Overlook is owned by rich businessmen who are investing into it in every way. Why not get a new boiler?

Have the answers or more questions? Let me know in the comments below.
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