Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bombshell by Catherine Coulter

This book is simply a narration of an FBI investigation. Although the large number of characters and personas left me confused at moments, the new discoveries by the chapter leading to the fast pace of the story kept me going. As thorough as an FBI case can be, this book was still open to some booktions:

  1. How was Anna's murdered partner really exposed by Salazar and Gabrielle? The reason for the murder taking place at Delsey's apartment was never confirmed. We only have Anna's assumption to go on, even though it baffles her.
  2. What happens to Salazar after he recovers?
  3. In chapter 63, how were they able to tip the gang that Delsey would be at the Bonhomie Club that night?
  4. Stony's suicide: In what way does finding out that the photo was uploaded from his computer, indicate that Tommy's murderer is his father? Is this the real reason for his suicide? or did he know more.  
  5. If Mrs Hart wanted her husband to be blamed for Peter's death, why did she so strongly cover for him asked about for his alibi?
  6. Sherlock and Savich know that a person tells the truth when in shock, and hence wrung out all the details from Melissa Ivy at Peter's apartment. So then, why does she abruptly remember a person she can't describe a day later, and if she did it for the publicity as assumed and mocked for, why did the FBI take it seriously enough to pin it on to Mrs Hart?
  7. The reason for Tommy's mothers suicide was never brought forward. 
Have the answers or more questions? Let me know in the comments below.
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